eCity - Supply Chain Management eBusiness Software Suite

Source: Slingshot

SLINGSHOT's eCity is integrated yet modular enterprise eBusiness Supply Chain Management(SCM) software designed specifically for large and mid-sized organizations. The "adaptive web" modules include; warehouse management (WMS), sales order management, manufacturing execution (MES), supply chain planning, purchasing, requisitioning and eprocurement.

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SLINGSHOT has been delivering rapidly deployed supply chain software solutions to organizations with demanding customer requirements for over 20 years. Our eCity "adaptive web" application suite includes: Stock – Inventory and Warehouse Management, Sell – Sales Order Management, Buy – Purchasing Management, Request – Requisitioning & eProcurement, Make – Manufacturing Execution, and Plan - Advanced Supply Chain Planning. The eCity applications seamlessly unify the entire supply chain providing continuous synchronization and complete visibility in a "web based" eBusiness suite.

The SLINGSHOT solution enables true global collaboration, uniting the enterprise and all of its trading partners. The scalability and simplicity of Slingshot's advanced® native web application platform empowers the enterprise to outperform competitors for years to come. Better customer service, tighter supplier integration, optimal inventory investment, and higher operational efficiency result in direct bottom-line benefits.

The secret behind the Slingshot eCity Enterprise e-business software suite is a unique combination of intimate industry knowledge and proven software product expertise, built upon a breakthrough technology framework. eCity's unique "adaptive web" design provides comprehensive customer, supplier and field visibility.

All SLINGSHOT applications are based on our unique eMpower architecture, which is designed to harness technology and deliver "real" business benefits to you. The eMpower architecture allows you to define business processes, collect custom data and alter web forms without programming.

Only SLINGSHOT allows you to:

-Add new fields to any form and the database in minutes without programming

-Change existing forms and add new forms without programming

-Add validation rules - again no programming required

-Define "roles" and "span of control" providing a tailored user interface for each group of users

-Quickly create forms for wireless Pocket PC devices using the same tools

-Route notifications and approval tasks automatically with built in email integration & workflow

-Add URL links to any form for improved visibility

The "adaptive web" technology environment that forms the framework for the entire Slingshot eCity Enterprise e-Business Software suite is called eMpower. This unique non-proprietary technology environment protects your software investment against rapid Technology and business climate changes. eMpower is composed of 5 technology layers:

1. Repository -an Object Oriented layer containing all data, business logic and roles.

2. Workflow - a Process Flow & Routing layer which is conditionally driven by business logic.

3. Security/Audit - a Control layer is driven by roles, tasks and audit switches.

4. Presentation – the User Interface layer conditionally displays web pages driven by roles & business logic.

5. Adapters - the application integration layer allows for easy modular plug-in.

The result is an Enterprise Supply Chain Management (SCM) e-business solution that seamlessly unifies sales order management, e-procurement, inventory & warehouse management, and supply chain planning & forecasting with your enterprise business applications across the entire supply chain providing complete end to end visibility.