News | September 24, 2019

Barcoding Inc. And FactoryFour Announce Strategic Nationwide Partnership

Barcoding Inc., the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy and connectivity, has announced a nationwide partnership with FactoryFour to deliver combined solutions to the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Through the partnership, Barcoding will offer its customers tailored AIDC, IoT and RFID solutions that leverage FactoryFour's capabilities, which include real-time work-in-process (WIP) visibility, enhanced quality control and asset and inventory traceability. These solutions will be paired with Barcoding's signature GoLive Services and StayLive Services to help customers with system design, deployment and execution.

"Barcoding offers a fit-to-purpose WIP tracking and process automation solution with FactoryFour that delivers high ROI with superior reporting and decision support," said Ken Currie, vice president of business development at Barcoding. "This partnership with FactoryFour will provide our manufacturing customers with a seamless, customizable solution as they scale and manage production."

"I was impressed with Barcoding's hunger to innovate and bring new solutions to the market," said Param Shah, CEO and co-founder of FactoryFour. "Pairing our platform with the hardware and services Barcoding provides is a critical step for us to provide premium solutions to our manufacturers."

FactoryFour's industry-leading software platform is cloud based and hardware agnostic, with the built-in capability to integrate with several hardware devices to automate actions in the platform.

Manufacturers can connect tablets, barcode scanners and RFID to automate actions in FactoryFour. For example, an RFID tag moving between readers can automatically update production status in FactoryFour and generate analytics on cycle times, labor productivity and more.

Source: Barcoding Inc.