News | December 9, 2022

Barcodes Group Acquires MSA Systems, Inc., Expanding Warehouse Management Software And Technical Services Capabilities

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire/ - Today, Barcodes Group announced its acquisition of MSA Systems, Inc., an automatic identification data capture (AIDC) solutions provider with a focus on warehouse management software, devices, and services. Based in San Jose, CA, MSA Systems has more than twenty years of expertise in AIDC hardware and software mobility solutions.

"Barcodes Group and MSA Systems will immediately function as one team," says Daniel Nettesheim, President & CEO of Barcodes Group. "This acquisition aligns with our strategic initiative to build a robust, unified platform on proprietary intellectual property, solving critical business needs for the thousands of customers we serve, today and tomorrow."

MSA Systems' QStock inventory software joins inventory data in an accurate, organized system. QStock seamlessly integrates with major accounting, eCommerce, and shipping software programs. With QStock, Barcodes Group delivers faster order fulfillment, improved inventory management, fewer item mispicks, and massive time savings from automated cycle counting capabilities. In addition to the software and integration teams, MSA brings networking services engineers, product experts, and support staff to the organization.

MSA Systems President Majid Jalalian shares Dan's enthusiasm: "The team is thrilled to join forces with Barcodes Group and is excited to broaden and scale our supply chain solutions, network services and hardware offerings to our combined customers."

About Barcodes Group
Barcodes Group provides end-to-end technology solutions that improve mobility, visibility, and automation for organizations across the globe. With 25+ years of experience and partnerships with leading technology manufacturers, Barcodes Group delivers exceptional products, software, and services to help businesses navigate a world in motion. Key technology platforms include enterprise mobility, automated vision and labeling, RFID, warehouse robotics, access control systems, and more.

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