Newsletter | February 22, 2005

02.22.05 -- Balance Supply And Demand With An Inventory Management Solution

February 22,
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From The Chief Editor
Although not a Wal-Mart top-100 supplier, Jack Link's Beef Jerky is one of the 37 companies that volunteered to meet Wal-Mart's January 2005 deadline for shipping product with RFID tags affixed to pallets and cases. It completed the Wal-Mart compliance phase of its project in November 2004. This week's featured download reviews Jack Link's four RFID implementation phases, and covers costs, timing, technology partners involved, step-by-step business processes being supported, and expected benefits.
Featured Articles
RFID: Automatic Identification Evolves
This white paper will offer a basic explanation of the technology behind RFID especially as it relates to current AIDC solutions. Selecting RFID as the most appropriate technology solution for a given AIDC application will be a challenge for users. A key point of discussion in this white paper is how to identify appropriate smart label applications, ensuring that RFID technology is not under/oversold. Submitted by Datamax Corporation

The Next Generation Of ERP Software: Technology As A Means For Thriving In The New Manufacturing Economy
Changing customer expectations and demands, coupled with economic uncertainty and political unrest, have caused manufacturers large and small to take a hard look at all aspects of their operations and processes. The next generation of ERP software is built for these conditions. Submitted by Epicor Software Corporation

Simply Lean
Purists will complain that anything short of pure flow isn't "lean" but I believe that any technique or approach that delivers shorter lead-time, reduced handling, more flexibility, etc. qualifies and if it can be done more quickly and affordably, so much the better. Written by Dave Turbide

Build An Electronic Pedigree
The slap-and-ship model of RFID technology isn't for everybody. H. D. Smith Wholesale Drug Co. expects more from RFID. H. D. Smith, a pharmaceutical wholesaler with sales of more than $1.5 billion, plans to implement RFID technology at six of its distribution centers to improve its own inventory and product tracking systems. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions magazine

Top News Stories
Infor Introduces AutoKnow Webinar Series
Datamax Announces IPDS Printing Solution For IBM Systems
The Bell Group Goes Live With John Galt Solutions' Inventory Management To Balance Supply And Demand
Featured Products
Falcon 325
While the Falcon 320 provides ideal batch data collection solutions, the Falcon 325, a wireless data collection terminal, is particularly ideal for data collection throughout the supply chain where real-time access to data is required. Request a quote or get more information.

Event Manager
Exact Event Manager addresses the challenge of not knowing, or of knowing too late, about critical problems facing your organization. Exact Event Manager becomes your early warning system and first line of defense. Download the complete product sheet now.

MAS 90/MAS 200
Both MAS 90 and MAS 200 offer full-featured accounting, manufacturing, and distribution functionality, and come standard with Business Insights — an insightful executive information system that takes a quick snapshot of a company's financial data to show managers where they can be more profitable. Download the complete product brochure now.

Provia Supply Chain Execution and Event Management
Provia's Supply Chain Execution and Event Management suites include warehousing, transportation, order, and yard management products seamlessly integrated together. Request more information or get a quote.

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mySAP ERP: Overview Of New And Enhanced Capabilities
In today's high-pressure business environment, large and midsize companies are faced with a dilemma: they must exert the tight corporate controls required to meet strategic goals and drive profitability while maintaining the flexibility required to stimulate growth and innovation — all while rigidly controlling costs. SAP resolves this dilemma with mySAP ERP. Submitted by SAP
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Supply Chain Management (APICS Series On Resource Management)
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Think Inside The Box! Keys To Increasing SMB Revenue
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Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005
Whether you are looking for the complete supply chain system or any application in your supply chain, you will find it at the Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005. If your input is important to your company's successful acquisition of any supply chain application, then you are among those who should attend.
RFID: What Are You Tagging?
This discussion focuses on the various challenges facing RFID tagging with respect to product materials and packaging. The technical parameters of tagging such materials as liquids, metals, glass, etc. will be discussed as well as an explanation of how the materials' makeup influences radio frequency tags. The Webinar will provide information on selecting the proper tag given specific material and packaging applications.
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