News | September 24, 2018

Almacenes Vidrí Optimizes Its Supply Chain With JDA

El Salvador-based hardware retailer to drive warehouse efficiency and create localized floorplans and planograms with JDA

San Salvador and Scottsdale, Ariz. - JDA Software, Inc., recently announced that Almacenes Vidrí, a hardware chain based in El Salvador, has selected several of JDA's assortment and category management solutions, in conjunction with Agora Europe’s professional services, to replace its local, homegrown solutions and overhaul its supply chain processes for the digital age.

Almacenes Vidrí is a hardware store founded in 1917. It currently has 15 branches located in the Metropolitan area of San Salvador, Paracentral and the Western zone of the country. In order to satisfy the needs, tastes and preferences of its customers, it has segmented its branches according to the demand of each market close to its location in two large types: self-service or 'home-centers' and industrial type or counter. Its wide universe of products is classified in 22 departments and includes car products, industry, home, gardening, electricity and more. The company has been consolidated over the last 90 years as a strong and responsible company committed to quality and good customer service.

Almacenes Vidrí wanted to realign its processes and structure to a more digitalized supply chain strategy. Its objectives included driving efficiencies in all its warehouses, creating localized assortments and floor plans and optimizing store shelf availability. To achieve its goals, Almacenes Vidrí will deploy JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment, JDA Advanced Store Replenishment, JDA Assortment Optimization and JDA Floor Planning Plus. Almacenes Vidrí selected JDA for its extensive experience in the Central American market, as well as its integrated end-to-end retail solutions to support the company's future growth and development.

"We chose JDA because we needed an integrated, end-to-end replenishment solutions for our stores and distribution centers as well as administration of our catalogs,” said Miguel Maestre, operations manager, Almacenes Vidrí. “We operate in other countries like Guatemala, so we also needed a solution that could support this growth and give our planners and users a consistent experience across regions and locations.”

With a goal of improving the shopper experience, JDA Assortment Optimization coupled with JDA Space Planning will help Almacenes Vidrí create localized floorplans and planograms based on consumer preferences. Additionally, deploying JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment and Advanced Store Replenishment will help Almacenes Vidrí create accurate demand forecasts and order projections, while reducing out-of-stocks and inventory levels.

"To stand out in today's unified commerce world, retailers in Central America must differentiate themselves with an excellent customer-first service, customized assortments and high levels of product availability," said Antonio Boccalandro, president, Latin America, JDA. "Trading conditions are constantly changing, which means that you need the flexibility to adapt quickly and continue to deliver on your brand promises. For decades, the best JDA solutions have delivered results for hardlines world leaders. We are glad to help Almacenes Vidrí align and modernize its supply chain processes to achieve higher levels of consumer satisfaction and increase sales opportunities."

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