Newsletter | January 11, 2005

01.11.05 -- Accelerate ROI With On-Demand E-Procurement

January 11,
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From The Chief Editor
For our demand planners, this week's article entitled "Molson Canada Raises A Toast To New Forecasting Software," submitted by ALT-C Systems, addresses demand prediction for a product to which most of us can relate — beer!

Read how Molson — with $2 billion in annual sales across 6 brands, 11 pack sizes, and 1,000 item locations — implemented a system capable of producing monthly forecasts for marketing, while also producing weekly production volume by warehouse and forecasting seasonal promotions independently from Molson's normal brand pack forecast.

Featured Articles
Accelerating ROI With On-Demand E-Procurement
For many businesses, the advantages of online procurement have been tantalizingly clear but distant. Long ago, these companies recognized that getting rid of paper-based purchasing could save them money. Their executives realized that electronic procurement could eliminate human errors and speed up business processes. Submitted by Perfect Commerce

ERP Has A Role In Lean Initiatives
If ERP vendors want to be relevant to organizations that are embracing Lean, they must clearly articulate what they have to offer; some seem to be listening. Submitted by AMR Research

Molson Canada Raises A Toast To New Forecasting Software
Recently, Molson Canada embarked on a search for a planning and forecasting solution that would enable it to more accurately predict consumer demand and consequently improve the efficiency of its breweries. Following an exhaustive search, Molson selected the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse by Montreal-based ALT-C Systems, Inc. Submitted by ALT-C Systems Inc.

Achieving Effective Inventory Management
In today's competitive business environment, wholesale distributors face critical factors that directly affect customer satisfaction and profit margins. This white paper examines the critical business issues and shows how the MAS 500 solution can give you competitive advantages that empower your business to successfully grow and prosper in today's marketplace. Submitted by Best Software

Top News Stories
AGI Worldwide Completes Wal-Mart RFID Compliance Initiative
WJ Communications And Richardson Electronics Sign Distribution Agreement For RFID Products
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HarrisData Order Management makes it easy to process an order — through order entry, shipping, and invoicing. View additional order management solutions.

Demand Solutions Forecast Management
DS Forecast Management (DS FM) is the forecasting engine and data warehouse of choice for effective supply chain management. The simplicity of DS FM is its strength. By providing an easy-to-understand window to your inventory and production conditions, sales and production personnel are free to concentrate on maximizing profits. View additional forecasting solution packages.

RedPrairie Labor Management Solutions
RedPrairie's labor management solutions provide a combination of technology, engineering, process expertise, and tracking drive performance improvement. You can identify and manage performance issues before they escalate into costly problems or customer service issues. Access RedPrairie's additional available solutions.

MAS 500
MAS 500 is a highly reliable, robust series of business applications covering all areas of business management, including customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and financials, distribution, manufacturing, human resources, payroll, project accounting, and electronic commerce. Download the complete product brochure now.

Interlog Winter 2005
Interlog Winter 2005
Now in its 3rd year, Interlog Winter 2005 continues to be the only conference that focuses specifically on aftermarket product support and service parts logistics. Interlog is developed to provide you with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of your unique aftermarket business. This year, Interlog showcases 42 in-depth case studies delivered by aftermarket executives from the world's leading aerospace, semiconductor, telecommunications, high-tech, and industrial manufacturing companies.
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Vantage Workflow Management
In the current manufacturing economy, it is imperative that midsize manufacturing companies are reactive and flexible so they can meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace. For companies to achieve this, they must be in total control of their business processes so that key business decisions don't get forgotten in the mass of transactions that are made every day. Submitted by Epicor Software Corporation
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Warehouse Management Handbook
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The Manufacturing Imperative
Achieve the "perfect order" while reducing IT systems cost of ownership
Sponsored by MAPICS

Zomax has grown from a $27-million company with a single manufacturing facility to a $197-million company with 12 facilities in four countries. Amidst this growth, the company exceeded customer expectations even as it reduced operating costs and lead times, sped time-to-market, and improved business-performance visibility. Key to all this success is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that serves as a common technology framework for all of Zomax's business systems, allowing seamless integration and communication across manufacturing, distribution, and order management.
RFID Is Ready. Are You?
A Case Study Webcast: From spreadsheets to RFID asset tracking in six weeks
Thursday, January 27, 2005; 8:30am Pacific

With more than 3,000 IT items to track, the government of El Paso County, Colorado, looked for a solution that provided greater asset accountability without adding significant labor costs. This Webcast will demonstrate how an RFID solution took this government agency from spreadsheets to RFID tags in just six weeks.
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