News | May 2, 2008

Abas Once Again Awarded For Its ERP Software

Abas Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd. announced recently that its Abas ERP system has been honorably awarded the "Winner of Enterprise Resources Planning Software" granted by Linux Pilot's Editorial at the award presentation ceremony at "Linux & OSS Best Solution 2008" held on 17th April. It's the third time that the Abas ERP system has been granted such an award, a position of pride for both Abas' employees and customers.

The "Linux & OSS Best Solution" event is held to encourage the use of Linux and OSS in empowering business and consumer solutions. The Abas ERP system was granted the award for offering an IT solution base on the Linux platform with long-term commercial benefits to customers and for devoting itself to improving the operational efficiency of manufacturers in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

In recent years, experiencing the influence under multiple policies, the internal and external environment of Chinese manufacturing has been changing greatly. Mr. Vincent Lau, COO of Abas-PRC expressed, "Last year, manufacturers in eastern China faced the pressure of 'Four Shortages' and 'Four Increases'. 'Four Shortages' includes the shortage of manpower, land, water and electricity; 'Four Increases' includes the increase in raw materials' price, oil prices and salary, as well as Renminbi appreciation, which greatly increased manufacturers' operation costs. With the increasing difficulties in operational environments, "the survival of the fittest" phenomenon arises in the manufacturing industry. Under this situation, manufacturers who are intent on developing their brands have quickened steps to invest in an ERP system to strengthen management, enhance operation efficiency and decrease the bad effect brought by the "Four Shortages" and "Four Increase". The Abas ERP system can satisfy developing enterprises' development requirements and help manufacturers improve operation efficiency."

From holistic system structure to each functional module's design, Abas technicians adhere to the idea of "Think Big, Start Small" to ensure that the system can really help enterprises optimize business flow. For example, senior managers can capture the business status of all levels through integrated system data and help to make right business decisions quickly; the system can also help enterprises realize efficient cost management, etc.

Together with a 28-year experience in manufacturing enterprise services, we believe that Abas ERP can help manufacturing enterprises to plan efficient processes during production, purchase and sales, realizing operation management objectives and reaching high levels of return on investment.

About Abas
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SOURCE: Abas Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd.