Case Study | May 4, 2009

Case Study: Demand Solutions Helps Heineken Serve A Cold One

"Demand Solutions has a transparent process of creating forecasts," says Setnes. "After all, we aren't putting robots on Mars – what's important for my team is a tool that supports their data management."

As with most packaged consumer goods companies, forecasting demand for a new product, big or small, is always a challenging process. HUSA liked Demand Solutions' process for developing and maintaining forecasts for new products. Over the past year, Demand Solutions has proven its capabilities and contributed to Heineken's successful launch of two new products: Heineken Premium Light and the five-liter draught keg, an end-user mini keg with an integrated draught system guaranteed to keep beer fresh for at least 30 days after it's first tapped.

"Demand Solutions simplified the new product launch process for us," says Setnes. "The tool makes it very easy to review the numbers and change the forecasts, which we do frequently during a launch."

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